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Classlist to iClicker

This tool takes your class list as downloaded from the Blink Class List tool, and converts it into a format that can be used as a roster in i>Grader.

  1. Download your classlist from ACT. You will see five options - select Ted Formatscreenshot showing TED Format selected radio button
  2. Open it in Excel, and select everything by typing Control-A (Command-A on a Mac)
  3. Copy the data to the Clipboard by typing Control-C (Command-C on a Mac).
  4. Paste the data below by clicking in the text input and typing Control-V (Command-V on a Mac)

  1. Make sure the iGrader program is not running
  2. Click Save To Disk below
  3. Navigate your computer to the folder where your iClicker program is located
  4. Go into the Classes folder
  5. Double-click on the folder for your class
  6. Click Save