Convert External Gradebook for Ted

This tool uses your Ted gradebook to correctly link grades from a Scantron or Clickers spreadsheet ("External Gradebook") to your students' Usernames, so that it may be imported into Ted. If your external spreadsheet already has the students' Usernames in a column so named, you do not need to use this tool.

Why is this necessary? Ted requires that any data you wish to import be linked to your students' Usernames -- it cannot import data linked only to their Student IDs. It can be tedious to manually enter this data into Ted's gradebook, or to try to manually line up data in Excel.

Is this secure? This tool does not communicate grade data with any other computer in any way; it will only be processed inside your web browser. This maintains the strictest privacy for student data. To accomplish this, you will need to copy data to and from some files yourself.

What do I need? You need 1) an exported copy of your Ted gradebook, containing at least the Username and the Student ID, and 2) the External Gradebook - the spreadsheet or text file containing student grades (exported from your Clicker software or sent by the department that scores your scantrons).

Step 1: Get the Class Gradebook from Ted

  1. In your class's Grade Center, from the Work Offline menu and select Download.
  2. From the Download Grades page: In the Data section, select User Information Only. Click Submit to continue.
  3. The page will refresh in a moment; click the Download button to download the spreadsheet. Follow your web browser's instructions to open this file in Excel.

Select the entire spreadsheet by typing Control-A, then copy the data to the Clipboard by typing Control-C, and paste it below.

Step 2: Review Ted Gradebook

Review the table below, and make sure there are no obvious inaccuracies. To work properly, you only need the Username and Student ID columns.

Step 3: Get External Grades

Copy the results from the file containing the grades you would like to import, and paste them below.

Division of Medical Education TESTANALYSIS results: Copy only the "Scores ordered by decreasing score" sections.

Step 4: Review External Grades and Select Columns

Review the table below, and make sure there are no obvious inaccuracies.

For each column that you want to import into Ted, give the column a name for Ted to use by clicking on "Column#" and typing its name, and put a checkmark beneath it.

Step 5: Review Merged Data

Merged Gradebook

Below you will see the merged data, containing Usernames and their scores on this test.

Click Copy Merged Data to Clipboard below to copy the data. Go to Microsoft Excel, create a new spreadsheet, and paste the data into the first row and column in the spreadsheet. Next, go to the File menu and select Save As. For the File Name, enter something unique, and be sure to remember where you are saving the file. Next to Save as type, select "CSV (Comma Delimited)", and click Save. Excel will warn you that not all features are supported (such as multiple workbooks and formatting). This is perfectly fine for our purposes, so click OK/Yes to the windows that pop up.

Once you have saved the file, continue using the instructions on Using Excel to Manage Grades in Ted.

External Grades for Students Not in Gradebook

You will also see a list of scores that could not be matched to a student. You will need to add their scores to Ted manually, if any. Many of these students may have simply filled out their student ID incorrectly on the scantron or clicker.

If not, however, they may be students who either added to the class late, or who are wait-listed, auditing, or concurrently enrolled and need an 'Add Computing' slip. Please refer to your Ted Class Setup notice or email for instructions on adding these students to Ted.

Gradebook names not found in External Grades

Last is a list of students in Ted's gradebook, for whom no grade was found in the External Gradebook. These students either did not fill out the scantron/clicker correctly, or did not take the test (students who dropped, for instance).