ResNet Summer Conference Registration Quiz

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Question 1

The following steps will help you keep your computer free of spyware:
Using a current and updated version of AdAware, SpyBot or Microsoft?s AntiSpyware program.
Avoid questionable websites.
Be wary of free software (including Peer-to-Peer applications).
Verify links before you click on them.
All of these.

Question 2

Putting your computer on the network without a complex password (a password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, such as ?W@y$3cUr3?) can result in:
Getting a virus.
Getting your connection blocked.
Someone gaining access to your computer.
Having personal information stolen.
All of these.

Question 3

Owners of wireless access points (or any other type of network device) are responsible for any traffic going through them (whether or not they are aware of the activity). This is why students must contact ResNet to register, setup, and secure their network devices.

Question 4

The primary purpose of ResNet is to provide __________.
Unlimited bandwidth to download movies, music and software!
Access to UCSD's electronic resources, and educational and research related material on the Internet.
Access to network gaming.
None of these.

Question 5

When a copyright protection agency sues someone for distributing copyrighted material, they subpoena the school for the contact information of the person using the identified network address. When UCSD receives that subpoena, they must __________.
Provide you with a lawyer.
Hide your identity to protect you.
Abide by the law and provide any appropriate information requested by the court.
Pay for your legal fees.
Smuggle you out of the country.

Question 6

You cannot be identified for sharing copyrighted material if you are using the wireless network or VPN.