ResNet Summer Conference Registration Quiz

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Question 1

The following steps will help you keep your computer free of spyware:
Using a current and updated version of AdAware, SpyBot or Microsoft?s AntiSpyware program.
Avoid questionable websites.
Be wary of free software (including Peer-to-Peer applications).
Verify links before you click on them.
All of these.

Question 2

It is your responsibility to keep your computer's operating system up-to-date with the updates provided by your operating system manufacturer.

Question 3

Devices such as __________ need to be registered through the ResNet office.
Wireless routers/access points.
VoIP phones.
Game consoles.
All of these.

Question 4

Owners of wireless access points (or any other type of network device) are responsible for any traffic going through them (whether or not they are aware of the activity). This is why students must contact ResNet to register, setup, and secure their network devices.

Question 5

If UCSD receives a copyright violation associated with a computer registered to you, and you remember that it was your friend using your computer at the time indicated on the violation, you will not be held responsible.
False (You are responsible for anything that happens on computers and network devices registered to you.)

Question 6

If you use Peer-to-Peer applications (Kazaa, i2Hub, BitTorrent, etc) to download copyrighted material, you take the following risks:
Getting a virus.
All of these.
Getting your network connection blocked.
Getting referred to Judicial Affairs.
Getting sued. More than 70 UCSD students have been sued.