ResNet Summer Conference Registration Quiz

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Question 1

You are responsible for any traffic generated by any ___________ registered to you, whether or not you are aware of the activity.
Wireless Access Point.
Gaming Consoles
All of these.

Question 2

The following steps will help you keep your computer free of spyware:
Using a current and updated version of AdAware, SpyBot or Microsoft?s AntiSpyware program.
Avoid questionable websites.
Be wary of free software (including Peer-to-Peer applications).
Verify links before you click on them.
All of these.

Question 3

If you can log-on to your computer without entering a complex password (a password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, such as ?W@y$3cUr3?), your computer is violating the ResNet AUP and is just waiting to get infected and/or hacked.

Question 4

Putting your computer on the network without a complex password (a password with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, such as ?W@y$3cUr3?) can result in:
Getting a virus.
Getting your connection blocked.
Someone gaining access to your computer.
Having personal information stolen.
All of these.

Question 5

The following statement(s) is/are true about file sharing copyrighted materials:
You won't get in trouble unless you are downloading excessive amounts of copyrighted material.
Downloading and sharing copyrighted materials is illegal.
If you don't know a Peer-to-Peer program is running on your computer, you are not responsible for any copyrighted material being shared.
If you just download one copyrighted song, you won?t get sued.
All these statements are true.

Question 6

You can't get sued for a copyright violation unless you have shared excessive amounts of copyrighted material, and have already received a warning.
False (You may get sued for the first file you share.)