ResNet Summer Conference Registration Quiz

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Question 1

__________ can slow down your computer, leak private information, delete personal files, perform illegal activities and/or render your computer completely useless. To learn how to secure your computer, click here!
Music Files.
Viruses and Spyware
Text Documents.

Question 2

If you suspect you have a virus, you should
Immediately disconnect your computer from the network.
Run a current and updated anti-virus package.
Contact ResNet if you have any questions or need help.
All of these.

Question 3

Resnet can help you with ______________.
Financial aid advice.
Getting a date.
Any computer or network related question or problem, for free!
Personal hygiene tips.
Diet and exercise tips.

Question 4

The primary purpose of ResNet is to provide __________.
Unlimited bandwidth to download movies, music and software!
Access to UCSD's electronic resources, and educational and research related material on the Internet.
Access to network gaming.
None of these.

Question 5

You cannot be identified for sharing copyrighted material if you are using the wireless network or VPN.

Question 6

If you use Peer-to-Peer applications (Kazaa, i2Hub, BitTorrent, etc) to download copyrighted material, you take the following risks:
Getting a virus.
All of these.
Getting your network connection blocked.
Getting referred to Judicial Affairs.
Getting sued. More than 70 UCSD students have been sued.