ResNet Summer Conference Registration Quiz

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Question 1

__________ can slow down your computer, leak private information, delete personal files, perform illegal activities and/or render your computer completely useless. To learn how to secure your computer, click here!
Music Files.
Viruses and Spyware
Text Documents.

Question 2

Some viruses provide ways for other people to use your computer for illegal activities, leaving you responsible for any damages.

Question 3

The UCSD Minimum Network Connection Standards require a computer to have the following:
Software firewall.
Current and updated anti-virus package.
Complex computer password(s).
Critical updates for the operating system and other software.
All of these.

Question 4

Resnet can help you with ______________.
Financial aid advice.
Getting a date.
Any computer or network related question or problem, for free!
Personal hygiene tips.
Diet and exercise tips.

Question 5

The following statement(s) is/are true about file sharing copyrighted materials:
You won't get in trouble unless you are downloading excessive amounts of copyrighted material.
Downloading and sharing copyrighted materials is illegal.
If you don't know a Peer-to-Peer program is running on your computer, you are not responsible for any copyrighted material being shared.
If you just download one copyrighted song, you won?t get sued.
All these statements are true.

Question 6

You cannot be identified for sharing copyrighted material if you are using the wireless network or VPN.