ResNet Registration Quiz

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Question 1

The UCSD Minimum Network Connection Standards require a computer to have the following:
Software firewall.
Current and updated anti-virus package.
Complex computer password(s).
Critical updates for the operating system and other software.
All of these.

Question 2

Using a Firewall is not mandatory, especially if you use an Apple computer.

Question 3

Resnet can help you with ______________.
Financial aid advice.
Getting a date.
Any computer or network related question or problem, for free!
Personal hygiene tips.
Diet and exercise tips.

Question 4

Owners of wireless access points (or any other type of network device) are responsible for any traffic going through them (whether or not they are aware of the activity). This is why students must contact ResNet to register, setup, and secure their network devices.

Question 5

If UCSD receives a copyright violation associated with a computer registered to you, and you remember that it was your friend using your computer at the time indicated on the violation, you will not be held responsible.
False (You are responsible for anything that happens on computers and network devices registered to you.)

Question 6

You cannot be identified for sharing copyrighted material if you are using the wireless network or VPN.


Telephone: (858) 534-2267
Location: Applied Physics and Mathematics 1313